Monday, August 18, 2008

This is an image of the stunning new art glass doors, connecting the Martin conservatory and pergola.

These reproduction doors were funded through the generous gift of George Purington (on the right) and fabricated by the craftsmen at Oakbrook Esser Studios, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Jamie Robideau of Hamilton Houston Lownie Architects created a precise drawing of the door pattern, based on photographs of the now-lost originals, and existing examples of the conservatory pattern art glass.

The only known original door of this type was sold at Christie's in 2007, and now resides with a collector in Japan.

Mr. Purington made his remarkable gift to underwrite the reproduction of these doors in memory of his late wife, Nancy. Mrs. Purington loved the Martin House and gardens, so the abstracted floral motif of these conservatory door panels seemed a perfect memorial.