Friday, March 13, 2009

Greatbatch Pavilion Top Ten

With the curtain going up on the new Eleanor and Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion opening this week, the architect, donors, patrons, board members, foundation representatives, Martin House leaders and media have all weighed-in on this incredible new building; it feels like it's all been said. So I submit, for your consideration, my Top Ten coolest things about the Greatbatch Pavilion, from the sublime to the ridiculous (roughly in that order):

  1. The breathtaking, panoramic vista of the Martin House complex afforded by the building's glass curtain wall.
  2. The inverted hip roof that embraces Buffalo's snow, and welcomes Buffalo's visitors.
  3. The west volume of cast concrete, with its elegant analogy of Martin House Roman bricks, the donors' names etched in the "mortar" holding them together.
  4. The internal glass screen, with it's Holopro projection system for the orientation film. If this doesn't hold your attention, check your pulse!
  5. This "green" building has a brain; its sophisticated (and silent) HVAC system is smart enough to adjust to weather conditions outside, and density of visitors inside.
  6. The slender, stainless steel columns just inside the glass curtain wall are separated from the wall plane, echoing the many 'floating' separations between piers and millwork in the pergola.
  7. The touchscreens in the north gallery are like giant iPhones begging for interaction. Want to know more about the Martin House? There's an app for that...
  8. Greatbatch, great building: it has a nice ring to it.
  9. Never again will Martin House staff have to caution visitors about using "historic plumbing."
  10. The ticket counter converts conveniently into a bar. Cheers!


Deb said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to get out to Buffalo from Rochester!

Ms. J. Bergan said...

My friend and I recently toured Talisen West in Scottsdale. We are very excited to tour Buffalo's sites. :)