Friday, March 27, 2009

Transom Update

Thanks to the expert installation skills of Martin House Lead Cabinetmaker Steve Oubre, the incredible transom art glass panel is now in place at the living room / veranda junction.

The effect from inside the living room is remarkable: the clear plate glass that makes up the majority of the composition all but disappears, giving the illusion that the long lines of caming and rhythmic squares and rectangles of green and gold art glass are floating above the veranda doors by virtue of some miraculous force. The effect from the veranda side is somewhat different: the iridescence of the exterior face allies the transom to the glittering glass membrane of the east living room elevation.

The MHRC staff is working on securing funds to complete the full array of art glass in the living room east alcove, including four side windows of the "wisteria" pattern, and the five-panel skylight overhead. Stay tuned as the pieces of this art glass "puzzle" fall into place.

[photo courtesy Dick Burns, LP Ciminelli]

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