Thursday, October 28, 2010

Houston, That's a Go for Re-entry

Fuermann and Sons' 1907 photo of the entry hall / pergola.
Following several months where the Martin House was hermetically sealed for the painstaking process of ACM (Asbestos Containing Material) removal, the "all clear" has been issued, and public tours will again be allowed to enter the main house - albeit in a limited fashion - beginning on Monday, November 1.  Tours will enter the front door of the Martin House, and proceed along the entry hall axis, exiting onto the pergola.  This pathway through the Martin House will afford visitors a view of spaces to either side of the hall, where restoration work is ongoing.  

While only a partial reclamation of the Martin House interior, this change to the compromised tour route is significant, because visitors will once again have the full experience of the breathtaking vista from the front door of the house down the telescopic pergola and into the top-lit conservatory, where Nike presides over all.

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