Friday, November 12, 2010

Wright? Wrong.

Multiple parties have asked us over the past few days about a piece of art glass that's up for auction in December, via Morphy Auctions of Pennsylvania.  The piece is attributed to Frank Lloyd Wright, and came from "a residence in upstate New York," leading some to speculate that it may have originated from the Martin complex.

Well, don't start bidding just yet.

This window is, without a doubt, not from the Martin House, Barton House or any other building in the complex. I would also add, with almost total certainty, that it does not hail from the Heath House, the Boynton House, or any other Wright building in upstate New York.  Or downstate New York, or the United States... In other words, I don't think it's a Wright design at all, and I suspect that Morphy is playing fast and loose with this attribution in hopes of a more lively auction.

The pattern does seem inspired by Wright windows, and bears some resemblance to some of the Martin windows, particularly in the top and bottom segments.  But the series of Klimt-like triangles that march up the center of the composition introduce an awkward geometry that's just not "Wright." 

Caveat emptor.   


Anonymous said...

Presumably you are going after lot 332 at Christies Dec. 15, if it falls within reach (?). Good luck if you do!


Anonymous said...

...and lot 344!!