Friday, February 25, 2011

Another Sidelight Comes to Light

Just when we thought that the late California collector Max Palevsky (1925-2010) had parted with all his Martin House Art Glass, a pier cluster sidelight has come to light in the March 10th sale of 20th Century Design at Sotheby's, New York.  

At one time, Palevsky had a rare "Tree of Life" door, and two "wisteria" pattern panels from the Martin House, but they have since been sold or given to museum collections (the "Tree of Life" door to the LA County Museum of Art).

It's unclear why this small piece of glass was not included in previous sales of Palevsky's art glass, but perhaps it got overlooked in the midst of his extensive collection of modern art and design. 


Anonymous said...

Seeing how much he gifted to LACMA (the Greene & Greene chair must be worth a cool million or so), too bad he couldn't have just thrown this window your way, when he cleaned out the closet.


EJF said...

Gus - indeed! Too bad he didn't.