Friday, February 4, 2011

In Memoriam: Mrs. Eleanor Greatbatch

The Martin House Restoration Corporation mourns the recent loss of Mrs. Eleanor Greatbatch. 

Born in 1920, Mrs. Greatbatch earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Buffalo State College and became a Home Economics teacher. She raised five children with her husband, Wilson Greatbatch, and later became an accomplished weaver.  She was a steadfast, supportive partner in her husband’s many innovative projects, including the development of the implantable pacemaker.    

Mr. and Mrs. Greatbatch at the opening of the Pavilion, 2009
The Eleanor & Wilson Greatbatch Pavilion was dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Greatbatch through the generosity of the East Hill Foundation.  The building stands as a testimony to their progressive, entrepreneurial spirit, and their great philanthropy to the Western New York community.

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