Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vote for Pedro

Don't miss Mark Sommer's front-page account of Pedro Guerrero's visit to the Martin House in today's Buffalo News.  A legendary documentarian who photographed Frank Lloyd Wright's work and life at Taliesin from 1940 to 1959, Guerrero and his wife, Dixie Legler Guerrero, visited the Martin House complex and Graycliff this week for the first time in twenty years.  Spending a few hours with "Pete" (Pedro) was priceless, but his astonished enjoyment of the Martin House Complex restoration was reward enough.  His spontaneous characterization of the restored complex was memorable: "like a marvelous drawing...from the hand of Frank Lloyd Wright." 

Guerrero's quick wit and charm was infectious, making it immediately apparent why he was - and is - a beloved figure of the "old guard" of Taliesin.

Pedro Guerrero (R) with Martin House Senior Curator Jack Quinan


Lesley said...

How wonderful to have such a celebrity be wowed by the house and restoration. Did Mr. G take any photographs?

EJF said...

He didn't take any photos (he wasn't even carrying a camera as far as I could see). I take it that he was enjoying looking and talking with old friends like Jack Quinan, taking a break from his professional pursuits.