Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Who is that girl?

Among the scores of photographs in the Darwin D. Martin Collection in the University Archives, SUNY at Buffalo, this one holds a particular fascination for me. From right to left are Dorothy Martin (standing), Darwin R. Martin, Laura Barton, their cousin and neighbor, and an unidentified girl, also standing. It happens that Darwin D. Martin recorded in his diary on March 25, 1907, "Wright to dinner," to acknowledge one of the architect's many visits to Buffalo. Over the four years of design and construction of the Martin House the Wright and Martin families had grown close and it is likely that Wright brought his daughter, Catherine, to Buffalo on this occasion. What we need, however, is additional photographic evidence.

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John Bachman said...

Welcome to the new site! Will miss Eric's posts. Could you do a post on the current landscape plan and future plans?