Monday, December 17, 2012

Jewett Refrigerators: Looking for Leads

Do you or someone you know own a refrigerator from the turn of the last century manufactured by  
The Jewett Refrigerator Company?   

The Jewett Refrigerator Company, logo, 1904

In our quest to accurately replicate two original ice boxes, we seek extant Jewett refrigerators that are similar to the units once held by the Martin House—whether they are working or not.  Our primary goal is to locate hardware, specifically latches and hinges, found on surviving large-scale models from the early 1900s—the kind, for example, that might have been used on historic Jewett refrigerators installed in such places as grand residences, restaurants, taverns, or possibly even meat packing houses.  

We’re counting on you—if you have any leads, please contact Stephen Oubre, Cabinetmaker, at the Martin House, Or feel free to post your comments directly on this blog.  Thank you!


cshemm said...

I am not sure if you are looking for these coolers still but I have a Jewett two door, brass plated ice box with flip top that I am trying to sell.

Faiza Jee said...

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Unknown said...

I have a jewett refrigerator,it's beautiful. If you are still interested in finding one,email me.

Unknown said...

I have a Jewett Queen icebox and have been on a quest to find the original hardware. I believe that the door had a ornate plate and porcelain knob. The top of the icebox lifts up for ice block. All hardware had been stripped at time of purchase in 1975. I would welcome any help in locating or even seeing what the hardware looks like. Thank you.