Saturday, March 30, 2013


A view through a pier cluster in the Martin House westward along the long axis of the building
Martin House first floor plan with red arrow delineating vista from "A" (Plan courtesy Hamilton Houston Lownie Architects)

As the restoration of the Martin House progresses aspects of Wright's design that were lost in the mid-Twentieth century through neglect and vandalism are gradually coming to light, among them astonishing vistas through layer after layer of art glass. The photographic image above was taken from point "A," between the living room and the library  (see red arrow on the plan) looking through the two sets of pier clusters that flank the main entrance, across the reception room, through another pier cluster, and on into the outdoors -- six windows, altogether too many to capture photographically but the effect is mesmerizing to the naked eye. Multi-functioning, the pier clusters provide structural support, contained heat elements, served as book shelves and space dividers, and carry most of the light sconces. 

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