Thursday, October 9, 2008

History Repeats Itself

In discussing turn-of-the-twentieth-century economic and social conditions, architectural historian Robert Twombley observes:

Few individuals could count on uninterrupted upward mobility, permanent employment or a happy future for their children. Even the upper middle class, especially people like Wright's clients who did not possess inherited wealth, faced the specter of possible downward mobility.
(Robert C. Twombley, "Saving the Family: Middle Class Attraction to Wright's Prairie House, 1901-1909." American Quarterly, vol. XXVII #1, March 1975, p. 59).

Sound familiar?

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Richard Beatty said...

I am glad that we have managed to get the complex back to where it is now before this financial meltdown. We could be looking at some very strange and difficult times ahead.